- Our Story -

This is the story of love and food.

and the love for food.

Meet Ifrain & Debbie, 

their story all started in the big apple NYC.

Ifrain was executive chef  at bread restaurant in soho and Debbie a  waitress at mazi's  on the lower east side.  One day Ifrain came by Mazi's to bring  a tub of freshly made pesto sauce that he had just made for the owner.

on that day they met... and fell... 

what does all this have to do- with Chato's pasta house?


from that moment they met they started dreaming, they decided to leave new york and move to Chicago,

they new that with hard  work and a lot of heart their dreams can become a reality.

with in 2 years they opened up a catering business and a year later, to keep busy in the summer they opened up a european style Crepe stand - crepes in the park that is located 2333 w sunnyside ave chicago il 60625.

2 years later park district  offered  them a large concession stand at  loyola beach.    

1230 w green leaf ave.

living in pilsen from the moment they arrived 8 years ago.

they fall in love with the people the vibe and the pilsen neighborhood.

knowing that when  the time is right they would open up Chato's pasta house.

we have spent  the past 10 years  creating the perfect dishes , our favorite  combinations.

we are proud to bring to you our heart and soul,

a place of fun, love. good food and good vibes.

walcome to our home - Chato's pasta house,  the heart of pilsen.

"if music be the food  of love ,play on".

william shakespear

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